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 Post #8 is lonely BUT I have a lot to talk about!

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When The Rain Comes

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Post #8 is lonely BUT I have a lot to talk about! Empty
PostPost #8 is lonely BUT I have a lot to talk about!

I'm so lonely... Nobody talks to me at school and I only have 3 friends. Two of which I knew at my old school last year and I barely see them anymore and one who is in my choir. Nobody else talks to me at all. That makes me feel sad... Okay like I said I have a lot to talk about. Since this one's a bit of a downer, I'll talk about it first. A couple of weeks ago, my MP3 Player broke. I have no way to listen to my favorite songs other than listening to them at home on Youtube. I really miss my MP3 Player... That's why I am saving for an iPod. According to my math, I won't get the iPod until around Christmas time if I buy it myself and my parents refuse to buy the iPod for me for Christmas so that's kind of my only choice. Last weekend, I went to a family reunion. (my mom's side of the family) The bad thing is that I spent most of the time hanging out with my younger cousin. I can't help it if he's close to my age and one of the coolest people there... plus I didn't feel like spending all day in a crowded house full of angry OSU (Oklahoma State University) football fans. xD I really didn't miss out on much. Just OSU losing to a bad team. Okay here's the last thing I really want to talk about. Next weekend, my cousin (on my dad's side of the family) is getting married. I get to go shopping for my dress this weekend and I'm not looking forward to so much shopping, but I AM looking forward to the wedding. c: I guess that's it...


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Post #8 is lonely BUT I have a lot to talk about! :: Comments

That sounds cool Abby! I'm sorry that you're lonely, but you always have us! And I'll join your site too! c:
Aww thank you! c:
And I'm sorry about ur MP3, that really sucks :c
It does. I was grounded for 3 days last week and I was miserable.
Okay that sucks even more. You poor thing :c
Yeah but it's okay. I can always ask to borrow my sister's home made cd's. She listens to a ton of the music I had on my mp3
Oh I used to make those! But I have no more blank CDs and they're kind of a pain to make.
You know they sell blank cd's everywhere...
I think they're so fun to make. C:
It really annoys me because I always lose mine and I can always just use my spotify account or the radio
AliCat you needed to put that in red. Gawd I'll edit it XP
I don't have Spotify... :C
Sorry I advertized.
Wait, how is that advertising?
Well it just is. xD

Post #8 is lonely BUT I have a lot to talk about!

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