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Welcome to World Of Friends! Aka WOF. Let's just all take a moment and remember a lost friend  
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Hey, guys! I'm back on my ORIGINAL WOF account and I'm making the headlines!!! lol. Actually, I'm making the front of a newspaper for my English class. It sucks, but it's my creation. It's called the Phoenix Gazette (volume 1) and it's for the book Fahrenheit 451, which, thanks to moving from my old school district, I have read before. Shocked I didn't remember anything about it, though, except what happens when Montag is ordered to burn his house so I was not ahead, really.
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What to wear, what to wear...
Throwback Thursday's at school tomorrow (It's spirit week) and I don't know what to wear. 80's theme? 90's? Hmmmm
Why the Spanish in the title? Well, my Spanish teacher made an assignment that really sucks. I don't want to record my voice and post it on the internet. -.- This explains all:

[16:47:15] Temporary Me joined the chat on Wed Oct 01, 2014 4:47 pm
[16:47:52] Temporary Me : Oooh I hate spanish class
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(Mine is a BOX GUITAR!)
I had to make a homemade musical instrument for my Music History class today, so I made a pathetic box guitar. Really, my dad made it. He takes over all of my projects. The last time I asked him to let me do at least most of a project by myself, he yelled at me for 5 minutes and then made my mom yell at me so he ended up doing the project for me anyways. I did come up with the idea for this one, though. lol
I'm not sure that I can tune the guitar... I do hope I get an A on it.
I feel kind of bad that my dad does all of the work...
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The disease has found yet another victim.
Cancer is pure evil. It's taking many people's lives before they get the chance to live. One of my friends just found out that she has leukemia... She's one of those people who... well I could never picture her NOT being there. I know death is part of life, but 17 is too young to die.  Crying or Very sad
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I'm having eye surgery on the 23rd this month. I was supposed to have the surgery 4 years ago, but it never happened until now. It's kinda scary to think about it.
Why is the font bold? I guess I'll change the color then. lol
What a Face  PURPLE!!!
It's scary to me because I was too young to remember my last surgery. It was also on my eyes. In fact, it was the exact same surgery, and I have the exact same doctor, so I know...
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Summer's here! For me it began on the 24th of May. I had school that day, but I spent pretty much all day in the commons (cafeteria) with my friend who brought his guitar to school because he was performing in a talent show. I would have spent the day at home, but my mom thought I might get extra credit for coming to school. I didn't get extra credit at all, sadly, and I left school that day knowing that I had 5 D's, an A, and a C. I'm used to at least getting 2 C's 3 B's and 2 A's, so my grades are very disappointing. I believe it's because my emotions are uncontrollable and I'm never going to...
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Hey, guys! I'm posting from a different account today because I lost my password. I would love it to be changed so I can come online more! I've been trying to access my account for DAYS and my spring break is going slowly. NONE OF THE VOWELS ON THIS KEYBOARD LIKE ME TODAY. This is totally random, but yesterday I discovered that my body can't accept white spaghetti so if I want spaghetti, I have to stick to whole wheat. I don't want to go into detail so I'll just say I spent the night on the couch because I had no mattress or sheets. The good thing is that I'm not sick, so I can visit my sister's...
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I figured out what's up with my grades and the only way I can explain it is like this: I may have a genetic problem that may be depression of sorts that causes me to be depressed when I don't feel like doing something I need to do but I do it anyways. It's more complicated than that, though. In the case of homework, I do want to do my homework, but it's hard because sometimes I just can't think about what I'm doing so I fail miserably.
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Happy Valentine's Day! I have been called soulless a few times today since I'm a ginger but it's okay because I DO have a heart. You just can't have a heart without having a soul, too. My sister is taking me to Sonic and since she's buying me food, I made her a card and a drawing AND I'm giving her a cherry flavored tootsie pop. See, singles can celebrate Valentine's day, too. Most eat ice cream and get themselves a cat from the animal shelter, though. I'm just excited that someone's buying me food instead of leaving me home alone until 8:00. lol Anyways, Happy Valentine's Day!
Cheers to being...
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Unless this place closes AGAIN
Hey guys
I've been so bored. MY BEST FRIEND DECIDED I'M TOO NEGATIVE AND NOW SHE HATES ME. That means that the only person I talk to outside of my family is my neighbor, Fagley. That is not his name, but it sounds like his last name so people call him that. He's cool I guess. I'd tell you guys about him but he's not really an appropriate topic for middle school aged people. The reason why I haven't been on is because my grades are horrible because my teachers say I do everything wrong although I am following their instructions and checking my answers 50 bazillion times. I think they hate me....
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Well since WOF is shutting down, I want to say my final goodbyes. I have said goodbye to this place before and I didn't expect to say goodbye again so soon. I miss talking to you, Crystal and Ali... I hope to see you on TWW. Well, WOF, I guess this is it... Goodbye...
Abby's Blog! CryAbby's Blog! CryAbby's Blog! Cry
by When The Rain Comes - Comments: 2 - Views: 156

Hey guys! As you can see I've added a poll and I want to figure out a new username for myself. I have a few Beatles themed usernames here.
Please give me your opinion! I've voted for my favorites.

Oh, btw Run For Your Life and Little Girl are from the same song. The lyrics go "You'd better run for your life if you can, little girl, hide your head in the sand, little girl, catch you with another man that's the end, little girl"
by When The Rain Comes - Comments: 2 - Views: 164

My parents caught me on here yesterday and I won't be on. that's that. Bye!!!!!!!!!!
by When The Rain Comes - Comments: 1 - Views: 155

It was fun to post on this blog and I bid you all farewell.
Goodbye, WOF! I had fun here!
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Hey guys I just fell. I was running to the computer because of a commercial on Youtube and a bone in my foot popped loudly. It hurts to the point where I'm holding back tears. I might tell someone so I guess I have to go. I hope I just sprained my ankle...
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Only for a while.
I'm back until my parents catch me again but I will delete my history when I get off so wof stays hidden from my parents. I'm really sad about Ava and I cried when I found out about what happened. Leukemia was part of a dumb joke that someone used in my 8th grade yearbook and he's the reason I threw that yearbook away and the fact that someone I knew had it just hurts me even more. Rest In Peace, Ava...
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Wait for it.....

Wait for it.....

Wait for it.....

It's 1AM here and I aim to stay up until 10:30 PM. Can I do it?
If I can't I'll be disappointed in the Dr Pepper I m drinking over night to keep me up. The fact I have been nocturnal for the past week kinda helps me out, but I don't know if I'll manage. Maybe my new iPod and Star Trek Into Darkness are the keys to keeping me up.
We'll see if I stay up.
Again, Happy New Year, guys!
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Hey, guys! I felt an earthquake earlier and its center was kind of far away from where I am. It was a 4.5 earthquake and could be felt up to 50 miles away! Shocked  This is the 3rd earthquake I've ever felt. The first one rumbled very loudly before it hit, and scared me to death. It lasted a minute. The second one was bigger and lasted longer and rumbled louder. It lasted long enough for me to run down the stairs and look around for a minute, then my mom pulled me into the doorway she was standing in and we watched pictures...
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You can blame my not being online today on Wolfblood and my mom.
Wolfblood is a new show on Disney and I'm ashamed to admit that I actually like Disney at my age, but I like Disney channel and I love their new show. All of the shows they make for Halloween are the best. Razz
My mom forgot to turn the computer on and when she finally did, I was under the spell of Wolfblood. xD
I wish I could have a password for this computer...
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You read right! I'm on Fall Break!
I don't have to much planned so I get to relax for a few days before my cousin's wedding.
I'm so happy! What a Face 
Yea... Sorry I posted this post so close to my previous one. Won't let that happen again...
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That's right, everyone... I failed a test. :c I might not be online for a while.
I hate Spanish. -.- Why is it even required? It seems like EVERYONE speaks Engish
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"Lonely, I am so lonely, I need somebody of my owwwwwwnnnn...
I'm so lonely... Nobody talks to me at school and I only have 3 friends. Two of which I knew at my old school last year and I barely see them anymore and one who is in my choir. Nobody else talks to me at all. That makes me feel sad... Okay like I said I have a lot to talk about. Since this one's a bit of a downer, I'll talk about it first. A couple of weeks ago, my MP3 Player broke. I have no way to listen to my favorite songs other than listening to them at home on Youtube. I really miss my MP3 Player... That's why I am saving for an iPod. According to my math, I won't get the iPod until around...
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Please delete my blog. Thank you! Goodbye, WOF!
by When The Rain Comes - Comments: 3 - Views: 198

Please delete my blog. Thank you! Goodbye, WOF!
by When The Rain Comes - Comments: 1 - Views: 170

Please delete my blog. Thank you! Goodbye, WOF!
by When The Rain Comes - Comments: 1 - Views: 195
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