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 THROWBACK THURSDAY! Er... Jueves Retroceso (?)

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Temporary Me


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THROWBACK THURSDAY! Er... Jueves Retroceso (?) Empty
PostTHROWBACK THURSDAY! Er... Jueves Retroceso (?)

Throwback Thursday's at school tomorrow (It's spirit week) and I don't know what to wear. 80's theme? 90's? Hmmmm
Why the Spanish in the title? Well, my Spanish teacher made an assignment that really sucks. I don't want to record my voice and post it on the internet. -.- This explains all:

[16:47:15] Temporary Me joined the chat on Wed Oct 01, 2014 4:47 pm
[16:47:52] Temporary Me : Oooh I hate spanish class
[16:48:33] Temporary Me : I don't want to record myself answering these 5 questions on google+:
[16:48:56] Temporary Me : Como se llama? (What's your name?)
[16:49:23] Temporary Me : De donde eres? (Where do you live?)
[16:50:03] Temporary Me : Cuantos anos tienes? (How old are you?/ How many years do you have?)
[16:51:51] Temporary Me : Donde vives? (Where do you live) oops the other one is "Where are you from?"
[16:52:22] Temporary Me : and Que Actividades te gusta hacer? (What activities do you like to do?)
[16:52:41] Temporary Me : *Que actividades...
[16:53:24] Temporary Me : I don't want some hoe who speaks spanish finding out that stuff about me.
[16:53:53] Temporary Me : AND I don't like recording my voice. I sound 5.
[16:55:16] Temporary Me : I don't like looking 13 and I definitely don't like sounding 12 years younger than my real age. -.-
[16:57:01] Temporary Me : If I do the assignment before 12:00 AM Saturday night, I get extra credt. Is gaining possible hoe stalkers worth it? idts
[16:57:27] Temporary Me : I did make the blog for Sra. G, though.
[17:00:04] Temporary Me : Maybe I have stalkers and don't know it...
[17:00:06] Temporary Me : hmmm
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THROWBACK THURSDAY! Er... Jueves Retroceso (?) :: Comments

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THROWBACK THURSDAY! Er... Jueves Retroceso (?)

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