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Welcome to World Of Friends! Aka WOF. Let's just all take a moment and remember a lost friend  
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 Sweet 16 of an Angel

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Where my Demons Hide
Where my Demons Hide

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PostSubject: Sweet 16 of an Angel   Sweet 16 of an Angel EmptyThu Mar 27, 2014 9:52 pm

Holy. Has this site really been up for over a year? Damnnn.
I'm saying this because one year ago, almost the same thread has been posted for Ava, except she was turning 15. This year is different.

This year...
Is not.

Today, Avery L. Brooklynn was supposed to turn 16. I cried. Today my best friend in the whole wide world was supposed to have her sweet 16. She was supposed to get her first car. It was supposed to be special. Until she lost the battle to cancer. You're amazing, Ava. I know you'll never get to read this, but I love you. And I miss you. I wish you could come back. Life without you is too hard on everyone. Me, Kaelynn, Kyle, Caleb, Drew, Riley... You were a gift from God. But he wanted you back. I'm not surprised why, though. Ava you were perfect and you never saw it in yourself. There is no hate in you. You were smart, beautiful, healthy, lovable, and just perfect. I miss you so much. Is it fun up there? Did you get yourself an angel car? Happy birthday, baby girl, and rest in peace.

She loves me
She saved me
She makes me happy
And I don't know what I would do without her

I'm the founder/co owner of WOF. Feel free to PM me f you have any questions.

  Don't get to close, it's dark inside.
It's where my demons hide...
It's where my demons hide
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PostSubject: Re: Sweet 16 of an Angel   Sweet 16 of an Angel EmptyTue Jun 03, 2014 9:02 pm

I'm aware that this is late. I would have posted MONTHS ago, but I was searching for my password. Here's what I wanted to say:

If Ava had survived her battle, I'm sure her sweet 16 would have been amazing. Even though she lost her battle, she was strong. She may have lost the battle, but she won the war. She lives on in the memories of her friends and family and as long as she is remembered, she is as alive on earth as she is in heaven. I have respect for her and for anyone else who has a life threatening disease because they are fighters, fighting for their lives all day every day, awake or asleep. May Ava's spirit live on, along with the spirits of those who have left the earth the way she did.
Happy (belated) Birthday, Ava.
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Sweet 16 of an Angel
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